Acquiring commercial retail and office space requires efficient and effective coordination and is a highly demanding process. These include identifying spatial needs, sourcing existing real estate to meet those needs, and designing and constructing the space in line with your corporate values and brand.

We manage these processes for you with an integrated system. We acquire in-depth knowledge of your culture, systems, people, and goals and assemble goal-focused creative teams to meet your needs and requirements.

How We Help:office setup

  • We conduct in-depth interviews with stakeholders to understand the spatial needs of your project in relation to your systems, team, vision, and brand. We examine requirements such as space dimensions, furniture requirements, IT, audio-visual and telephony, mechanical, electrical, and branding.
  • We assist you with outlining your goals for the commercial space needed in line with a clear budget and timelines.
  • We identify and present real estate options that meet set goals and remain within your stipulated budget.
  • From layout to choice of furniture, we work with you to design and fit-out the space within your budget and realistic timelines.
  • We ensure that you get the highest value for money, using safe and ethical procurement and construction methods.

About Us

McAbe Solutions is an Information Technology company based in Accra, Ghana. We provide IT support services to startup companies, as well as small and medium scale enterprises, whose size does not justify hiring the services of a full time IT personnel, or setting up an IT departments. We understand that, for many small/medium scale businesses, it is simply not cost effective to have and a full time internal IT Support team, especially in the current economical climate. Read more

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